My writing has been featured by the Florida Museum of Natural History's Thompson Earth Systems Institute as well as the UF Water Institute. Below, you can find samples of feature stories, newsgathering summaries and environmental science communication.

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Remote Sensing in the Struggle to Improve Water Quality.

Feature Sci-Comm

Researchers harness high resolution data from satellite and drone imaging to help manage Florida's water quality.

Report from the Water Resources Journalism Intensive in partnership with UF/IFAS, UF Water Institute, UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute and Florida Sea Grant.

solar panels

Solar Energy Initiatives Shine in the Sunshine State.

News Gathering

By 2021, Florida will have the most capacity for solar energy in the entire Southeast, according to a report by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

This announcement comes as some Florida utilities continue to move away from fossil fuels in favor of cleaner energy.


Why Some Florida Coral is Rejecting a Potentially Life Saving Partnership.

Feature Sci-Comm

With much of the world’s coral reefs dying off due to environmental stress, researchers from Florida International University investigate whether a more heat-tolerant symbiotic species of algae can help make Florida's reefs more resilient.

Gulf of Mexico dead zone

The Gulf Dead Zone: Smaller Measurement Doesn’t Hide Big Problem.

Feature Sci-Comm

Algae blooms that occur in nutrient rich waters can create a low oxygen environment, referred to as a dead zone.

When the Northern Gulf of Mexico dead zone did not reach its record-setting prediction, scientists worried that the smaller measurement could be misleading.


Unwelcome Guests: Wildlife Officials Try New Ways to Control Invasive Species.

News Gathering

Invasive species, a top driver of biodiversity loss, threaten native species, residents and pets.

Menacing pythons warrant a new approach, leading researchers to develop a specialized camera to help identify and remove these unrelenting reptiles.


Florida’s Environment: The Good News for July

News Gathering

Following environmental news can get exhausting. At TESI, we also like to celebrate good news. In July 2020, we highlighted:

  • a program for pollinators
  • a roadmap for electric vehicles
  • a replanting campaign for rare longleaf pine
  • a recovery and release of a rare sea turtle hybrid