Web design and other projects

In addition to writing and video, I also have experience with web development, data visualization, design and podcasting.

Below, you can find examples of some of my other projects.

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A Common Language

Coding Audio/Video Data Design

This multimedia project uses video, a feature article and a gallery of testimonials to showcase some benefits of speaking another language. It also includes interesting facts and data about the different countries and languages featured in the testimonials.

This self-hosted website uses the bootstrap front-end framework. It also includes some additional CSS, Javascript and data visualizations.

icons of a man and woman

Is Online Dating Worth Your Time?

Data Design

This infographic was part of a group project for a data visualization course at UF. My team pitched and developed this topic, found relevant data and created the final infographic to inform potential users of the benefits, hazards and effectiveness of online dating.

dumplings around the world cookbook thumbnail

Cookbook Design Project


For my first year design course at UF, students created cookbook layouts showcasing design principles, typography and proficiency with Adobe InDesign.

My project includes real recipes — some translated from Spanish. It was created as an academic assignment with the goal of showcasing my work. It is not to be distributed for any other purposes that would violate intellectual property rights.

Web Scraping Exercise


This Jupyter Notebook adapts a web scraping exercise from my coding and web apps course in order to scrape a list of countries from the U.S. State Department website.

I used the list for a map visualization in my A Common Language project.



This rough app was part of an independent study at the University of Florida with the goal of introducing myself to React and SCSS. The idea behind it was to create an interactive portfolio section of a website that could be filtered by content type.

My coding and web apps professor helped me through the process, but did not have any experience with React herself.

From the Ruins: Kaylan Moody


As part of a podcasting elective, I produced this podcast on facing failure. This concept spoke to me because many people, myself included, can find themselves wallowing in — or even paralyzed by — their mistakes or failures.

By normalizing failure in an age of hyper-edited highlight reels and ultra-tailored social media accounts, we can move on from our mistakes while learning from the failures of others. Exposure to people's honest considerations of their shortcomings provides solace to listeners and breaks through the illusion of perfection.

This episode features then-UF student and Gainesville radio personality, Kaylan Moody. We connect over instances of performance anxiety and how you can bounce back from a cringe-worthy interview with 21 Pilots or crashing and burning on-stage at a university talent show.